access layers' portnox™ is the first NAC product that practically checks for the most important mandatory legitimate access factor: Is the device attempting access from within the network is a known and legitimate company device? is it approved to access the network?

At this point it should be crystal clear to any IT professional what they’ve known all along, that:

The main problem is the device connecting to the Network, and not its antivirus state or the patch it lacks. It is obvious then that first and foremost we need to identify the device attempting to connect the network before it is granted with access.

portnox™ support more than 10 different authentication schemes customized to your needs and therefore authenticates 100% of network members. Not a single device is ‘left behind’ unauthenticated. With portnox™ the authentication is determined by your needs rather than by the ever changing capabilities of the would be intruder.

portnox™ illuminates any network port and make sure that any device connecting to the network at the very basic and physical point 'at the Ethernet port level' is proven to be a corporate legitimate and approved device.