Destruction Service for Data Storage Devices

Why destruction?

Not all data storage devices are in form of magnetic structure, which means degaussing won’t work for all of them. Furthermore, some data storage products are more easily destroyed than hard disk drives, such as magnetic disk data cartridges, tape cartridges, secure USB drives, and optical media, so it’s more efficient to destroy than to degauss.

In fact, DoD Requirements call for hard drives to be degaussed in an NSA listed Degausser and then physically destroyed prior to disposal.

All data storage devices can be physically destructed to prevent data leakage to unauthorized usages.

  • Computers (including desktops, laptops, servers)
  • Tablets, smartphones.
  • Hard Disk Drives
  • SSD hard drives
  • Tape media
  • Digital Data Storage (DDS) and Digital Audio Tape (DAT)
  • Linear Tape-Open (LTO)
  • StorageTek Tape 9940/3592
  • Advanced intelligent Tape (ATI)
  • Floppy Disk
  • Thumb Drives
  • SD Cards and Flash Drives
  • Magnetic Cards and ETC

Which data storage device can be destructed?

Which forms of physical destruction?

One or escalated methods of destruction can be employed to ensure complete destruction of storage devices, rendering 100% sure that both presence of the device and its data had gone, or more precisely, had been transformed into other, non-structured forms of matter and energy.





Why Data Terminator?

Data Terminator has the capability, competency and track record to provide organisations with effective data leakage protection solutions.

Data Terminator’s secure data sanitization processes are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 certified, the first in its class in Singapore, signifying our commitment and priority to organisations’ security needs.

Data Terminator’s secure data sanitization service covers all forms of electronic data storage media, which includes hard drive, magnetic tape, audio/video tape, optical media, flash media, static storage media, floppy and Zip cartridge, etc.

ISO Certified work processes

DT provides a high quality degaussing service based on ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 Certified – ICT Storage Media Erasure, Destruction & IT Asset Disposal Services. We provide a quality checking process to demagnetizes the disk so that all data stored on the disk is permanently destroyed. Thus making the disk impossible to be recovered by any recovery tools available.

Our IT asset disposal service make sure destruction processes do, not only create zero environmental issues, but also provide extra certainty for data life termination, confidentially.

Inquire a physical storage media destruction service

Data Terminator provides secure and comprehensive data sanitization equipment and services with full compliance and quality to give our customers complete peace of mind. Please call us today or drop us a message, we will reply promptly.

Data Terminator is a trusted brand in Data Leakage and End-of-Life Data Protection. Our processes are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 certified. Our mission is to provide our Customers effective and efficient Data Leakage Prevention solutions. Read more..


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