Universal SSH Key Manager

Universal SSH Key Manager

Whether you use Tectia SSH, OpenSSH or both, the Universal SSH Key Manager delivers a fully interoperable and scalable solution. It allows  you to save time and money by eliminating the complex, manual work required to manage enterprise SSH environments, by reducing the risk of unauthorized access from both internal and external actors, and by improving visibility and compliance. More…

Data Terminator Seminar 2011 – Control. Audit. Monitor.

Data Terminator will be hosting its annual security seminar on 8 June 2011 this year at Suntec City Convention Centre.

Come join us at this seminar to find out about:

  • Is it possible to implement Remote Access Monitoring immediately with NO disruption to your network environment?
  • Can you precisely control SSH, RSP, Citrix-ICA, VMware View, VNC, Telnet, and TN3270 connections to the servers and networking devices?
  • How to harness powerful search  capabilities based on user ID, protocol, time & date, terminal, IP, application, etc. to cut down investigation time. Even for Windows Applications.
To register, please visit our registration page.

Governmentware Conference and Exhibition 2010

Data Terminator is pleased to be once again participating in Governmentware 2010 which will be held from 28 to 30 September 2010 at the Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre. Our booths: B15 and B17 are located at Hall 401, Suntec Convention Centre.

The theme for this year’s Governmentware is “Strategic Security: Finding the right balance”, focuses on the importance of adopting the correct strategy for IT security in today’s fast-changing infocomm environment.

Data Terminator will be showcasing the following at Govware 2010:

  • Secure Data Sanitization & Destruction – Services based on NSA standards and equipment products.
  • Intellinx – Software based CCTV type, real-time tracking solutions with google like keyword search capability.
  • Safend – An enterprise endpoint security solution for data-leakage protection for storage devices like USB thumbdrives, SD cards, CD/DVDs, etc. or through wireless transmission like Wi-Fi and blue-tooth.
  • Panasonic ToughBook range of business-ruggedized laptops (Limited special offer for 14” and 12” lightweight Biz ruggedized model).
  • HP Workgroup Storage Solution. – Why hp storage and its new features.

ISLA Award 2010

Through the ISLA Program, (ISC)2 publicly recognizes the ongoing commitment by information security leaders throughout Asia-Pacific to build a highly qualified and ethical workforce, and broaden the public’s awareness of information security. As part of (ISC)2’s Global Awards Program, ISLA aims to recognize the achievements of outstanding information security professionals who have significantly contributed to the enhancement of the workforce by demonstrating a leadership role in an information security workforce improvement initiative, program or project.

(ISC)2 is the largest not-for-profit membership body of certified information security professionals worldwide, with nearly 70,000 members in more than 135 countries.

Proton’s T-4 Automatic Degausser Receives “Best of FOSE 2010” Award

March 2010 – Proton’s T-4, the newest and currently most powerful degausser on the NSA Evaluated Products List, received another IT endorsement when it was awarded a “Best of FOSE 2010” award at the FOSE conference in Washington, DC on March 24th. The Proton T-4 employs EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) technology for quick and automatic sanitization of magnetic media such as hard drives and tapes. The T-4’s degaussing power is capable of erasing information on multi-terabyte hard disk drives. This capability results in an important value proposition and cost savings for users over the next several years as disk density increases.

Data Terminator is a trusted brand in Data Leakage and End-of-Life Data Protection. Our processes are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 certified. Our mission is to provide our Customers effective and efficient Data Leakage Prevention solutions. Read more..


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