Governmentware 2013

Governmentware 2013

Dear Valuable Customers,

Data Terminator (DT) is an Information Leakage Protection Specialist in providing solution and services that secure data at rest, data in motion as well as data in use.

DT’s new and innovative products and services include:

SSH CryptoAuditor provides control, monitor and audit of privilege user access to mission critical servers and other network devices. It deploy transparently and independently from the Client/Server environment, while minimizing the impact on network architecture.

Enterprise Fraud Management (EFM) is an enterprise solution to enforce corporate security policies by detecting security breaches and exceptions.

NSA certified Equipment and Services for all Data End of Life management

ISO Certified professional services for All-in-One asset declassification
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Data Terminator is a trusted brand in Data Leakage and End-of-Life Data Protection. Our processes are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 certified. Our mission is to provide our Customers effective and efficient Data Leakage Prevention solutions. Read more..


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