RSA Conference 2015 – Asia Pacific & Japa

RSA Conference 2015 – Asia Pacific & Japa

22 – 24 July, 2015
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
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Conference Tracks

  • Cloud and Data Security

    Data Security covers strategies, practices, and technologies to classify, track and protect data and will cover issues such as compliance, privacy, regulations and big data trends. Cloud Security includes data sovereignty, security architecture in the cloud, cloud security governance, risks, migration issues, and vendor Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

  • Cyber Investigation and Law Enforcement

    This track provides the latest information and practical demonstrations of techniques to address cyber investigation. It covers strategies to enable local law enforcement personnel to collaborate more closely with international police organizations as well as tap global intelligence for tackling high-tech crimes and formulate appropriate cybersecurity policies. Topics covered include identifying and addressing emerging crime threats, fraud, intellectual property theft, environmental and organized crime, analytics and incident response.

  • Governance and Risk Management

    This track provides a business-oriented view and covers the creation and implementation of risk management frameworks, standards, governance, and quantification and management of risk. Sessions will cover how to successfully communicate and enforce policies and standards in the enterprise as well as how organizations measure and calibrate risk as well as exploring people-related issues like social networking/engineering, insider threats and security awareness programs.

  • Mobile Security

    Mobile Security will focus on the policies, processes and technologies for managing employee-owned devices and BYOD programs, smartphone/tablet security and consumerization trends. In this track you’ll find in-depth sessions on mobile malware, mobile application threats, device management and emerging threats to mobile platforms and workers.

  • Security Infrastructure

    This track will cover the architectural and strategic planning considerations for the deployment of security-enabled technologies, including trends in emerging technologies, network and endpoint security, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing , IDS/IPS, physical and embedded device security. In this track you’ll also find the processes, technologies and policies for identity and access management including managing digital identities, their authentication, authorization, roles, and privileges.

  • Sponsor Special Topics

    Listen to a spectrum of experts and security issues delivered and discussed by leading edge companies.

  • Threats and Threat Actors

    These sessions include discussions on the threat landscape, advanced threats, APTs, new classes of vulnerabilities, exploitation techniques, malware, reverse engineering, hacktivism and how to combat these problems. Some sessions will include live demos and code dissection.

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